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Our network of community partners is not only limited to organization leaders. We have deep connections with people who have gained respect and recognition making them influencers within their communities..


Today, however, the market is decidedly different. Our population has grown increasingly diverse, and if trends continue, today’s minority groups will actually make up the majority of the population some time around 2040. Thus, a general marketing strategy may already no longer be effective in some contexts, requiring professionals to diversify their communications..


This year has been extremely exciting & highly interesting for developing new concepts and strategies for our partners and followerrs. The 2017 planning key themes are emerging which I expect to predominate the next few years…


Roots promotes the empowerment of Afro descent with the use of the woman in action programme as a tool..Empowerment has become a common buzz word in recent times. There is a common understanding that empowerment, and in particular the empowerment of women, can lead to collective action for positive change.

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We’re loving positive developments and initiatives in and around Africa, in fact we love it so much we’ve devoted a whole of events, people and actions dedicated to bringing you opportunities! We’are a non-profit organization based in Brussels, Belgium. The organization was established in July 2004 with the goal to promote Afro-caribean talent here and elsewhere, by organizing various cultural economic and artistic events.

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Our mission… Investing In Black Women Potential.


Women in Business est le portail de l’entrepreneuriat feminin Bruxelles

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We are solutions agnostic. We believe that it doesn’t matter where, how or in what medium an idea is expressed, you still have to start with a good one. Sometimes we may advise you not to run ads at all. You may need a more integrated approach building relationships through grassroots, events, PR, promotions, social media outreach or community partnerships.

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Roots Events offers some of the finest Creative project.

We are: Strategically focused. Creatively inspired. Results driven.

Diversity is normally referred to in terms of diversity in the workplace. You should hire minorities because they are a better reflection of society and your customers. You can’t argue about the benefits of workplace diversity, particularly in a world where the minority is soon to become the majority. Outside of the HR realm, however, marketers also have to be concerned about diversity. They have to be cognizant of the diversity within the diversity. What is meant by this is that people tend to generalize about ethnic communities.

Someone says they want to target the African market. The problem is that there is no homogenous African.

African people alone speak several languages Swahili, Wolof, Yoruba, Lingala, Kikongo, Igbo…

The African people practice different religions, as do most ethnic groups. With different religions, of course, comes the celebration of different holidays.

When we target Black Africans, what part of Africa are we talking about? North Africa? South Africa? Central Africa? In Central Africa they speak French, not English. Depending on what part of Africa you come from, you would have spoken different languages, practiced different religions and upheld different traditions.

What picture should you place in the ad to reflect Black Africans? Keep in mind that depending on what country they come from, even the traditional garb is different. What music should you put into your TV or radio spots? The answer is to recognize the diversity within the diversity.