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The Afropolitan Festival is three days of exceptional programming dedicated to Afropolitan art, creativity and state of mind, presented by BOZAR and its partners .

Some thirty multidisciplinary events with over 70 artists and cultural players from Belgium, the two Congos, Ghana and Europe are articulated around three themes: the Belgian Congolese diaspora, Afropolitans of Europe, and bridges between Sub-Saharans and North Africans.

An open space where people can meet, enjoy themselves, savour the moment, sit, chill, dream…

Arts & Crafts
Coproduced by Roots Events, the “Brussels African Market” brings together the best Afropolitan creative artists, designers and craftsmen from Belgium and Europe. Amongst them : Maison Mopao, Ekeeya Wax, Kytokokytoko, Afro Racines, Noor Art, Africa United, Kitoko Wax, Anne Mukanda, Lutinta and Accro Art Afro. Meet them and talk with them!
Production: Roots Events

Beauty Corner
Conceived and hosted by House of Neb and Roots Ethnic, the Beauty Corner proposes all week-end long braided hairstyle workshops (following Yoruba tradition), scarves and thematic make-up.
Production : Roots EVENTS Ethnic, House of Neb

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