Many years ago, a company could be successful marketing only to European’s People, since they represented the majority of the consumer market. Eventually, some companies realized that the business potential of marketing to the African population as well, and several efforts at multicultural marketing were attempted—but a company could still experience success without it. Today, however, the market is decidedly different. The American population has grown increasingly diverse, and if trends continue, today’s minority groups will actually make up the majority of the population some time around 2040. Thus, a “general market” strategy may already no longer be effective in some contexts, requiring professionals to diversify their marketing strategies. The ethnic market is a growing market. It’s a very niche market. It’s a lucrative market. But many don’t understand it. Communication to this audience is more than just ticking the diversity box or simply putting an ethnic face into an advert. For more information on how we work with the leading brands on reaching out to the untapped ethnic market, feel free to contact us.