Many people feel that creativity isn’t their ‘thing’ – they aren’t arty, missed out on that ‘creative gene’, aren’t good at thinking like that. . . But creativity is something we are all born with, and something that needs to be nurtured – and is definately a skill that you can re-learn if you’ve let it lapse. Creativity is our very essence. Its how we express who we are – from how we dress to how we think, from what we say to how we leave our mark on the world. Without creativity – creative problem solving, creative thinking – we don’t have a hope of making a positive difference in the world. We need to think outside of the box to come up with real, innovative, workable solutions to the problems that face us. The key to creative thinking is to NOTICE EVERYTHING. Cultivate curiosity. Question your assumptions. Ask ‘What if . . .’ and ‘Why do we . . .’